Our Experience

As a small family, you don’t need the extra square metres of space that double story homes offer. But that doesn’t mean your home can’t be just as stylish as a larger home.

All of our architecturally designed and engineered single storey homes have been created with you in mind and are able to be fully customised. Making the wise choice of investing in a single storey home when you have a small family, means that all your lifestyle needs are met without breaking your budget. Da’Vanti Homes, builders of single storey homes in Perth WA can build your perfect new home, with everything you need on the ground level.

Build the dream home you’ve been envisioning, with the assistance of a dedicated building consultant to guide you through the process of custom designing your home. You’re in the driver’s seat throughout the each and every phase of building your single story home.

Custom select everything in your home from the colour scheme to the fixtures, finishes and flooring and more. Have the final say on the design of each room of your house. Don’t just build a home, build your dream home with Da’Vanti Homes.

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Call us and talk directly to a building designer not a sales rep or a receptionist. We endeavour to set the standard in customer service when it comes to custom homes.

Our friendly team has some of the best industry knowledge available to people looking to build double storey homes and unit developments for investors.

Did you know we build apartments as well?