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Every year many Australian homeowners are faced with the opportunity to demolish their aging home and build a brand new one. Often with rising land prices and fees associated with selling it’s becoming more cost effective to venture down this path. Furthermore, if zoning permits, you may be able to fit 2 or more homes right on to your existing block without demolishing your existing home. Rent one or sell them all, the options are yours.

We have the team and knowledge to help you achieve any of these outcomes. We can even help decide which may be the best possible outcome.

Demolish and Build?

Is your home a victim from the test of time or do you simply like the idea of a brand new home but love where you’re living too much? Demolition and building may not be as difficult as you think.

We have expert staff ready to take on projects just like this.


Are you in a position to rezone your existing home? There are many factors to consider with rear lot developments such as access to rear lot, resale and even the impact on the existing home. We are here to help, talk to one of our consultants to see what the best course of action may be.

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Call us and talk directly to a building designer not a sales rep or a receptionist. We endeavour to set the standard in customer service when it comes to custom homes.

Our friendly team has some of the best industry knowledge available to people looking to build double storey homes and unit developments for investors.

Did you know we build apartments as well?

Did you know we can build apartments as well?